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Rice Spirits 

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Louisiana Rice Vodka 

In 2018, J.T. Meleck Distillers launched it's Louisiana Rice Vodka made 100% from the rice we harvest on our farm in Branch, Louisiana. This rice spirit reaches 191 proof in the distilling process, and then brought down to 80 proof for consumption. A clear spirit with a touch of sweetness on the nose, and slight vanilla characteristics on the palate. Beautiful viscosity and a clean spirit. 

American Rice Whiskey

Released in July of 2022, this is J.T. Meleck's long talked about product that will now be consistently available on the market. 

Aged for almost 5 years in American Oak 53-gallon barrels


Appearance is amber in color and deep in intensity. Aroma characteristics include vanilla crème cake and white chocolate pudding. On the palate is a smooth texture with hints of butterscotch, silky caramel, crème brulee, and dark chocolate with a pit of spice. An excellent spirit meant to be enjoyed neat, over ice, or in a classic cocktail. 

Rice Whiskey, Founder's Edition (no picture attached) 

Rice Whiskey aged in 30-gallon barrels for 4 years


Only 981 bottles distilled, sold out in December of 2021

An explosion of vanilla and charred oak on the nose creating a smoky chocolate taste.

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farm to bottle

harvested, distilled, and bottled

Meleck Family History
Meleck Family History
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Rice silos at Fruge Farms
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Louisiana rice
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Mike Fruge in the barrel room
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JT Meleck's whiskey in the aging process
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Whiskey barrels with Fruge Spirits stamp
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