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Rice Vodka

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Popular ingredients for making vodka include wheat, corn, and potatoes. While not commonly used for making vodka, rice from the Fruge family's farm in Branch, Louisiana makes for a spirit that is like no other.

Rice vodka cover with a bottle of JT Meleck and rice grains
JT Meleck Rice Vodka is a handcrafted Louisiana rice spirit

Introduction to Rice Vodka

Well known ingredients for making vodka include wheat, potatoes, and corn. Especially in the United States, corn is the most commonly used starch for making vodka owing to its popularity, high availability, and low cost.

Most vodkas are distilled multiple times in order to achieve a spirit that has little to no flavor, however, raw materials used during the fermentation process will have a discernible effect on the final product. Raw materials that have the greatest effect on the taste of a vodka are the water and starch used.

Many people assume that rice vodka is similar to sake, and while rice is used to make both, sake is a wine while vodka is a spirit.

How to Make Rice Vodka

Like all vodka, rice vodka is made by first creating a mash. The mash is a mixture of a vegetable or grain ingredient (such as rice, wheat, or corn), water, yeast, and malt meal. The grain ingredient provides starches which will be converted into sugar. Malt meal facilitates the conversion from starch into sugar while the yeast allows the extraction of oxygen from sugars in the mixture to create alcohol.

Fermentation tanks at JT Meleck's rice vodka distillery
A mash is held in a fermentation tank to allow sugars to be converted into alcohol

After the mash is cooked, the yeast will begin doing its job and over the course of two to four days, sugars in the mash will be converted into ethyl alcohol.

Once fermentation is complete, the resulting mixture is technically a beer. This mixture will then undergo a process of distillation which results in a concentrated alcohol solution commonly known as a spirit.

The JT Meleck Rice Vodka Difference