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Our Award-Winning Louisiana Vodka

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Louisiana Grown,

Louisiana Proud

We make handcrafted vodka on our farm in Acadia Parish from rice grown in Louisiana. 


Roots Going Back to 1896

Our story begins in 1896, when our great, great Uncle JT Meleck grew his 1st rice on 20 acres of marshland in S. Louisiana. Four generations later, we still grow rice on the same 20 acres as our Uncle John.


Environmentally  Responsible

Our farm to bottle process is about more than just producing award-winning vodka; it's how we remain connected to the land and conserve Louisiana's natural beauty and resources.


A Personal Touch in Every Pour

From our label that was designed in-house to grain that is harvested, distilled, and bottled on our farm, we carefully control all parts of the process to ensure you enjoy a perfect spirit every time.


Certified Gluten-Free

Distilled from rice and naturally gluten-free, our vodka can be enjoyed without worrying about gluten sensitivity.


Award-Winning Spirit 

We're proud to share our vodka that was recognized by the American Distilling Institute as the 2020 Best of Class Vodka.

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