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A good
reminds us of evenings
on the porch and telling stories
with good friends
by the fire.
Over the years our founder, Mike Frugé, began thinking, "why not make our own? and what if we could make a great spirit from our rice?" well, we set out to try... the result is something truly special. It's not just another bourbon or scotch, or even a blend. It is an American rice whiskey, born right here on our farm, just off highway 35 in Branch, Louisiana. 

Our first release was a small batch that we called

Founder's Edition Small Batch
American Rice Whiskey Aged 4 Harvests in 30-gallon oak barrels 

It was a popular batch and sold out quickly. Our next release is due to be in the grocery stores in the fall of 2022. But, for our dedicated fans out there who have been patiently waiting, we will be having a pre-sale in June. 

J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey Pre-Sale Registration
$47.00 per bottle CREDIT CARDS ONLY 

Pick-Up Location, Dates and Times
Saturday, June 11th pick-up between 9am and 2pm 
Saturday, June 18th pick-up between 9am and 2pm

J.T. Meleck Distillers
7172 Church Point Hwy
Branch, LA 70516